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Letters from Kathy

Kathy McCarty is clinical officer and matron of the Chidamoyo Christian Hospital. She is employed by Sebastopol Christian Church and the Government of Zimbabwe and has been at Chidamoyo full-time since 1981 when she returned to newly independent Zimbabwe. Kathy returned to re-open the work of the Chidamoyo Christian Hospital which had been closed in 1975 because of the War for Independence. Her expertise in AIDS work has been published in several medical journals and books and she has spoken internationally on AIDS and AIDS home-based care for patients in a rural setting.

She periodically writes letters describing the conditions in Zimbabwe and keeps us up to date with news from the hospital.

These letters are collected here, please click on the titles below to read them:

July 2010

All the latest news from Kathy at Chidamoyo

January 2010

All the latest news from Kathy at Chidamoyo

Prayer and Praise for Chidamoyo in 2010

Sr Kathy's personal prayers and praise for the new year.

Kathy has a blog!

Kathy now has a blog for her work at Chidamoyo.

October 2009

The latest update from Chidamoyo

July 2009

The latest update from Chidamoyo Christian Hospital

June 2009

An update on what is happening here in Zimbabwe at Chidamoyo Christian Hospital.

April 2009

News from Kathy's Easter letter

Top Ten ways to know you live in Zimbabwe

A light hearted look at the struggles of living and running a hospital in modern day Zimbabwe.

March - April 2007

This newsletter contains all the details of Sr Kathy's trips to Australia and South Africa along with details of some awards she's received and some of the ongoing problems in Zimbabwe

Thursday 21st September, 2006

News on Kathy's health and her return to Chidamoyo.

June 2006

Winter has arrived in Chidamoyo, but there are still plenty of visitors coming. A new doctor has at long last been appointed. Zimbabwe continues with its economic struggles.

October 2005

The latests news from Kathy for October 2005

June 2005

All the latest news of visitors to Chidamoyo and progress on the various projects that are underway.

May 2005

The latest news from the hospitals in North West Zimbabwe

January 2005

After quite a long period of silence, Kathy brings everyone up to date with all the happenings at Chidamoyo and Makonde

Christmas Greetings 2003

Description of the busiest furlough in history!

Wednesday 25th June, 2003

We are in surgery and I am the anesthesliologist...

Wednesday 12st May, 2003

Well it has been one of those weeks! I had this almost all typed in when the electricity went out and I lost it all. So here goes again--I wonder if it will seem as funny the second time around?

Monday 18th June, 2002

Well at 6:01 p.m. on Monday the 10th of June we were connected to electricity!

Wednesday 29th May, 2002

Well Gladys, Major and Charity and I had a good trip to Pietersburg S.A. last week.

Friday 22nd March, 2002

Well the plan is for me to leave for Chidamoyo in the morning. Everything has been quiet there since elections and so Major and Dr. Mash want me back to work!

Sunday 23rd February, 2003

With all the news on war and rumors of war I thought I would try and share some good news that has been happening here on this side of the world! We have had an exciting past 2 weeks here at the mission. Of course, it doesn't take much to be entertaining out here in the bush!

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Kathy's Letters
* July 2010
* January 2010
* Prayer and Praise for Chidamoyo in 2010
* Kathy has a blog!
* October 2009
* July 2009
* June 2009
* April 2009
* Top Ten ways to know you live in Zimbabwe
* March - April 2007
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